Jan, 2015

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Family Law and Child Custody

Family Law and Child Custody

Like other areas of law, family law is complex. When family law relates to children, it can be a highly emotional issue. At the law firm of Wilka & Welter, we handle all child support cases and child custody with compassion and care. We’re also a child custody lawyer firm in Sioux Falls that works in the best interest of the child and our client.

Disputes in child custody can be difficult on all parties involved. We help parties resolve disputes in an amicable manner whenever possible regarding custody, child support and visitation matters. When courtroom litigation is necessary, our child custody lawyers are prepared to offer a strong representation.

Some child custody matters may be more complicated than others, such as out-of-state child custody and relocations. Even when child custody is already established, one parent may remarry and move out of state or relocate for a job. Express consent, notice and consent and distance are often factors that determine whether or not a relocation may be done. Express consent is outlined in the original child custody agreement while notice and consent requires a custodial parent to give notice of an intended move. If there is no consent, a motion may be filed to prevent relocation. Some states limit the distance of a parental relocation. A child custody lawyer in Sioux Falls will protect the best interests of their client and child.

Another issue of child custody often involves child support. Child support is often determined by a set of guidelines that takes into account the income of each parent, number of children and any special needs that children may have. Typically, these matters are very straightforward. However, there may be circumstances that add more complexity. For example, one spouse may be attempting to hide income or be self-employed. In these circumstances, detailed investigation and fact-finding are often required. At Wilka & Welter, we are aggressive and accurate when investigation is needed.

We represent parents in all child-support related issues, including enforcement of orders and modifications. Family law is one of practice areas. With years of experience and high knowledge of family law, we strive for the best outcome for our clients.