Jan, 2015

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Reasons to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Whether an injury is caused by a car accident, malpractice or faulty product, victims of negligence often incur injuries and other damages. There may be lost wages, diminished work capacity, medical bills and future medical treatment. Taking legal action to recover damages by hiring an attorney helps protect the injured and their families. If a loved one is lost due to negligence, family members may be entitled to compensation. A personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls will help explore all of the legal options.

Personal injury lawyers in Sioux Falls help clients navigate the legal system, as lawsuits can be extremely complex. These types of cases require careful attention to detail and legal expertise. Witnesses may be called to give testimony on how the accident occurred, expert witnesses may be needed and all of the records require examination. With legal counsel on their side, injured parties have someone to protect their legal rights.

At the law firm of Wilka & Welter, we do more than coordinate the case. We assist in negotiating with insurance companies, completing the paperwork of claims and have access to a network of expert witnesses and investigators who can make a big difference in the outcome. We help with all aspects of the claim and not just the lawsuit.

Our goal is to see that our clients get a fair settlement for their injuries. The financial stress and personal stress can be difficult to manage without the help of an attorney. To help ease this stress, we only work on contingency. This means clients aren’t charged unless we win the case. In addition, many insurance companies try to take advantage of those not represented by an attorney with an unfair settlement. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls ensures a level playing field. We also strive to resolve personal injury cases through mediation. However, if mediation isn’t successful, we are prepared to have the case tried in a court of law.

Our years of experience brings a lot to the table. We also work closely with our clients and keep them up-to-date on the progression of the case.