Jan, 2015

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The Dos and Don’ts of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer: Advice from Wilka and Welter

If you intend to seek full and fair compensation for your injuries and damages, you need an experienced personal injury attorney working hard for you. Attorney Mark Welter has over 26 years of experience in personal injury trial practice. Mark has 15 years’ experience successfully handling all kinds of injury claims and cases for numerous liability insurance companies. Mark now brings that invaluable insurance defense experience and knowledge with him, helping injury victims and families get the full and fair compensation to which they are legally entitled.

Your initial consultation with the injury lawyers at Wilka & Welter is always free of charge. During your free initial consultation you can share the specifics about the accident and your injuries; and the lawyers at Wilka & Welter can fully advise you of your legal rights and responsibilities, and the strengths and weaknesses of your claim or case, and what Wilka & Welter can do for your to get you the full and fair compensation to which they are legally entitled.

Build Your Injury Case and Gather Evidence

Because an injury claimant has the legal burden of proving his or her claim, it is important you have an experienced injury lawyer to help you gather the documents and information which prove fault of the legally responsible party, and prove the nature, extent and duration of your injuries and damages. This may include, among other things, the accident report, court records, photos, repair bills, medical records and bills, and records of lost wages. Fortunately, with a dedicated personal injury lawyer on your side in Sioux Falls, you can rest assured that your lawyers will work hard to gather any necessary evidence and documentation to support your case, taking the burden and stress off your shoulders.

Determine Your Damages

An experienced injury lawyer, like the lawyers at Wilka & Welter, can evaluate all the relevant specifics of your claim and case and fully and fairly advise you about the value of your injury claim, including damages for injury and impairment, pain and suffering, medical care, past and loss of earnings, disability and loss of enjoyment of life. Being injured because of somebody else’s carelessness is both physically and emotionally trying for anybody. Fortunately, by having the lawyers at Wilka & Welter on your side, you’ll have the representation you need every step of the way.