Jan, 2015

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Winter Hazard Tips for Safer Driving

Winter Hazard Tips for Safer Driving

Winter weather makes some drivers nervous and other drivers overly confident. We have seen over and over what dangerous road conditions has done to our clients and their vehicles when damaging accidents occur. Wilka & Welter want to help you stay safe on the road this winter with a few helpful driving tips.

Safe Driving Starts Before You are on the Road

It’s important that you consider safety long before you start the engine and pull out of the driveway. Poor decisions can lead to consequences that can’t be fixed or undone:

  • Drivers need to be fully prepared for driving with a full night’s rest to avoid dangerous sleepiness or drowsiness.
  • We fully agree with law enforcement that you should never drink and drive – a hindered ability to react while driving can cause a severe crash that is fatal for you or someone else.
  • Your car should be kept in top shape to avoid accidents from unnecessary loss of control or finding yourself stranded on the road. We encourage you to get your tires’ tread checked for better winter road traction, pack an emergency kit for the car in case you get stuck in the cold somewhere and keep your gas tank far from empty.
  • Keep your vision clear by taking the time to completely scrape off your windows before driving.
  • Check to make sure your wipers stay filled with anti-freezing windshield fluid to maintain complete visibility despite the salt and dirt build-up that will occur.

Safe Driving on the Road

Once you’re on the road, we remind drivers to consider conditions that aren’t easily apparent. Always give plenty of room between you and the next car in case of an unexpected stop, pothole or patch of black ice.

Just because the road looks dry doesn’t mean it won’t have hidden ice patches that could cause you to slide out. Never use cruise control on icy winter roads and never pass snowplows on the road. Bridges and overpasses freeze before regular roads, so be especially careful on those.

Injured in a Weather-Related Accident?

We’re here for you whenever you need help from a personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls. We offer legal representation and advice to help you, whether it was another negligent driver or slick roads that caused your accident. Call us today for help with your case.