Feb, 2015

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Advice from Wilka and Welter: Mistakes to Avoid During a Custody Dispute

If you’re in the midst of a custody dispute with your child’s other parent, then of course you want to do everything you can to ensure a favorable outcome with your case. Unfortunately, there are all kinds of mistakes parents in child custody disputes tend to make–some of which can jeopardize the outcome. Here at Wilka and Welter, we want to make sure that all parents going through a divorce know which mistakes to avoid when dealing with a custody dispute.

Negative Posts on Social Media

First of all, while social media can be a great outlet to vent about your soon-to-be-ex spouse when you’re upset, we recommend keeping any negative comments about your separation or child custody dispute off your social media page. Unfortunately, you never know who may gain access to those posts (especially if your profile privacy settings aren’t very strong).

If your ex or a friend of your ex gains access to those posts, they can be shown to his or her lawyer and used against you in court. Fortunately, this is an easily avoidable problem by simply not posting about the separation or child custody case online.

Moving Around Regularly

Furthermore, if you’re looking to gain custody of your child, you’ll want to make sure that you can prove to the judge that you can provide your child with a stable, comfortable living environment. As such, we recommend that you establish a permanent place of residence, if you haven’t done so already. Bouncing around from one friend’s basement to another simply isn’t going to cut it in court. You’ll need your own address that you’ve been living in for as long as possible to increase your chances of gaining custody or even visitation.

Not Having a Family Lawyer

Finally, the worst mistake we think you can make when going through a custody dispute is to not have a child custody lawyer on your side. Here at Wilka and Welter, we specialize in these cases and will do whatever we can to protect your rights and represent your best interests.

If you’re looking for a dedicated child custody lawyer in the Sioux Falls area, be sure to contact us today. We’d love to set up a free initial consultation with you so we can get a better idea of your case and provide you with some useful legal advice.