May, 2015

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Why it Often Takes a Lawyer to Get Adequate Compensation for Injuries

Why it Often Takes a Lawyer to Get Adequate Compensation for Injuries

Injuries can result in amazingly large medical bills even when the sufferer makes a full recovery, so it’s no wonder that those who have been hurt often consider taking legal action. Here at Wilka & Welter, LLC, we understand the stresses and emotions that come with getting hurt and the frustration that arises if there is trouble getting adequate compensation. Therefore, we are ready to provide legal advice, and if necessary, take court action to get you the settlement you deserve.

It may be surprising, but a personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls often won’t end up talking to the person who caused the injury. Instead, we’ve noticed that the problem entity is typically that person’s insurance company. The company is the one who will have to pay out if fault is found to lie with the insured property owner, driver, or other responsible person. Therefore, they’re the ones that will put up the stone wall to try to keep that payout from happening.

Often, personal injury cases are actually settled through negotiation rather than litigation. Even so, having a lawyer is an essential part of the process. Companies and individuals both become much more willing to agree to a reasonable deal if they know you’re all set to sue if you need to. This is because nobody wants to be on the losing side of a lawsuit that may end up with a verdict that demands a far bigger payment.

When disability results from an injury and the responsible party doesn’t want to pay, litigation becomes more likely than it would in a non-disability case. That’s because ongoing disability management costs much more than, say, paying for a cast on an arm. This gives the responsible party or its insurer much greater incentive to fight it until the end. In these cases, it’s essential to get an aggressive disability attorney in Sioux Falls. Our attorneys will work with friendly medical professionals and expert witnesses to prove that you are disabled, who is at fault, and that you deserve to have your expenses covered.

Each injury and disability case is different, so it’s important to consult with one of our attorneys before assuming what would happen if the case went to trial. During this consultation, we’ll discuss everything from how a legal dispute works to your chances of prevailing. This will ensure that you go into your case with the right expectations and have the best chance of success.

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