Sep, 2015

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What Is an Injury Lawyer?

An injury lawyer in Sioux Falls focuses on serving the needs of people who have fallen victim to personal injury. Typically, an injury lawyer’s clients are those who have been injured by the action, inaction or neglect of another individual or commercial entity. These are highly trained legal professionals who are skilled in their particular branch of the law.

Responsibilities of an Injury Lawyer

An injury lawyer spends his or her time taking care of all aspects of a legal case surrounding a personal injury. This begins with evaluating cases and interviewing clients to determine if a client has an argument. If a case has merit, the lawyer will identify the issues and file the complaint.

Once the complaint is filed, the lawyer will negotiate with the opposition, counsel the client about the case and provide legal advice. If the case needs to go to court, the lawyer will represent the client. However, in many cases an injury case can be settled outside of court with the right lawyer on board. The lawyer also has the responsibility to follow a strict standard of ethics when handing a case, while also conforming to state and federal law.

Certification and Education

For a personal injury lawyer to practice law, the lawyer must pass a written bar exam in the state of practice. Some states also require a law degree and a four-year undergraduate degree. For some states, a Multistate Bar Examination is required in addition to the state bar exam.

After passing the bar, the lawyer will be “admitted to the state bar.” This then requires ongoing continuing legal education courses in order to remain certified. Each state has a specific number of CLE hours required per certification cycle.

Most injury lawyers will focuses their practices entirely on injury cases, allowing them to delve deeply into the legalities of this type of law. Lawyers can then pursue certification in injury law through the American Bar Association, allowing them to claim a higher level of knowledge to potential clients.

Regardless of the level of certification chosen, injury lawyers provide a valuable service to clients suffering from an injury. These professional allow injured individuals to get the compensation they deserve, so they can move forward with life after a serious injury.