Apr, 2016

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Minimizing the Impacts of a DUI/DWI Offense

Facing a driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) charge can be an upsetting, emotionally draining experience. No matter how stressful the experience is, though, it’s essential to face it head-on and to work proactively to minimize the impacts of a DUI offense. With planning, professional help and a positive attitude, you can overcome the challenge and help protect yourself in the future too.

Essential Steps After Being Charged with a DUI or DWI

Panic is one of the first emotions that drivers who have been pulled over for a DUI or DWI experience. Panic is normal, but it’s important to stay as calm as you can in the hours and days following the incident. As soon as you can, write down the details of your DUI or DWI arrest. If there were any witnesses to your arrest, ask them to jot down anything they remember as well. Be sure that you’ve recorded every aspect of your arrest that you can remember.

Recording the details of your arrest will help you better answer questions in court and feel more at ease talking to a judge or prosecutor. In addition to communicating clearly with the court, it’s also important that you show that you’re taking steps to avoid making a similar mistake in the future. That could include enrolling in an alcohol education program, attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings or working with a licensed counselor.

Getting support from your family and friends in the wake of a DUI or DWI charge is also important. You’ll have people who can help you stay on a healthy path, and you’ll also be able to prove to the court that you have a support system in place. Confide in friends and family members who will listen without judging you. Talk to them about the fear and stress that you’re facing. Doing so will prevent you from becoming isolated and can offset the depression that sometimes comes with serious legal problems.

Moving Forward and Minimizing the Impact of a DUI

Fear and shame are normal reactions after being pulled over for a DUI. While you’ll have to deal with these feelings in the days to come, it’s essential to stay positive and focus on rebuilding your life. It’s also important that you educate yourself on South Dakota DUI laws and your options. An attorney can help you understand the charges that you face and any legal consequences.

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