Nov, 2017

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What to Look for in a Disability Attorney

What to Look for in a Disability Attorney

Applying and being successfully awarded disability is a legal process. It has become more difficult in recent years due in large part to the fact that congress seems perpetually concerned with the state of social security. Most folks that need disability, won’t really understand the process, how the decision is made to award a payout, and what information they need to provide the court with in order to secure their award. Not only that, it can be very stressful when there is the loss of a job and financial insecurity, with debt looming on the horizon. For those that are unable to work, finding the right disability attorney in Sioux Falls is going to be their best option. With over 1.3 million people in line for benefits, chances are your case will end up held up in the courts for at least a couple of years. The forms to fill out themselves can be confusing, let alone knowing what information you’ll need to provide the decision committee with. It’s important that you have someone to advocate for you.

In the past, lawyers would only take disability cases after a first claim was denied. Nowadays, there are lawyers that are helping clients through the initial stages of the process. The reason for this is that the forms themselves can be intimidating, and while in some cases there are social workers or mental health advocates that are there to help out, others with physical disabilities may have no such recourse.

“One of the things that they make applicants do is fill out a questionnaire asking them questions about their activities of daily living,” says one disability attorney from Sioux Falls. “This form can be very intimidating, even to very bright people. It requires a certain level of detail that a lot of folks are going to be scratching their heads about. It helps to have someone guide you through the process that is familiar with how the system works. Having someone to advocate your case before the court, who understands your case and can get the right information from doctors is paramount to filing a successful claim.”

“In some areas there are going to be disability lawyers that specialize in certain kinds of disability claims,” he continued. “For instance not-yet-elder claims that deal with folks in their 40s and 50s that are too young to retire but has significant health problems that prevent them from working. Some are going to specialize in mental health cases, which is important because it may not always be apparent to folks that you have difficulty with work environments. So understanding your particular case is also an issue.”