Jan, 2018

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Filing Whiplash Claims in South Dakota

Car accidents can have many effects. Whiplash is just one of the ways that one may be harmed. Medical costs add up quickly for the one being treated. It is essential that medical treatment is received immediately following an accident, even if the person feels fine in the moment. Great consequences can arise if one decides to wait it out, thinking they will feel better later or it is just the shock of it all causing the pained feelings. This protects the one hurt by allowing the medical professional to provide the evidence if the party decides to make a claim.

Gathering Evidence

Any payments made to a medical professional will need to be backed up with a receipt. A person can not just give a ballpark estimate in hopes of receiving that money back. This evidence and any bills that are sent or received in the hospital will be used to prove the case. The person hurt will also need to keep any paperwork proving the severity of his or her condition. If it is unclear, they will need to prove that future doctor visits are a result of the accident.

Insurance Companies

One should not call the insurance company claiming to be hurt without medical evidence. An insurance company will find suspicion in a whiplash claim, especially since these are often abused by those looking for compensation without having been hurt. If the person plans on making a claim in court, the insurance company of the driver at fault will need to be contacted. This should be done in writing as soon as possible so the hurt party is able to be reimbursed as soon as possible for the bills acquired during a hospital stay.

Seeking Counsel

An injury lawyer in Sioux Falls should be contacted for whiplash claims for multiple reasons. The attorney will be able to assist with the process and paperwork involved in contacting the insurance company. If the company refuses the claim, the attorney will be able to help make a case and take on the insurance company with experience and knowledge. If the party at fault is without insurance, an attorney will be able to make sure the one hurt is still able to receive the reimbursement deserved.

When having someone to represent a whiplash claim, the experience the attorney has will also be able to find if any other compensation is appropriate. Finding a larger sum can help give the hurt person peace of mind when it comes to follow up appointments that happen in conjunction with whiplash. A person may not realize the length of time the injuries can cause issues within their life. If work is missed due to whiplash, the lawyer can determine if compensation is appropriate.