Mar, 2018

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5 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Lawyer

“What is your experience in this field?”

When in need of a personal injury lawyer in Sioux Falls, it is crucial for an individual to do their research and equip themselves with the best possible lawyer. This is because, depending on the personal injury claim, one might not be in a position to win their case alone. When in the midst of hiring a lawyer, asking them about their experience in the field can be important. Since one wouldn’t want to work with someone who has never succeeded in a similar case, asking this question in advance is key. After speaking with a few lawyers, a plaintiff can be reunited with a lawyer who has fought and won many personal injury cases.

“What are your fees?”

When meeting a qualified lawyer, it can be important to ask about their fees well in advance. This can stop a person from setting their sights on a particular lawyer who is out of their budgetary reach. Most personal injury lawyers aren’t going to charge their clients until the case has been finalized. More often than not, a lawyer will collect their fees from their client’s winnings. However, should a case not be granted, paying these dues will still be required. Knowing how much money to keep aside in case one’s case results in a loss is crucial.

“What are the timelines for a personal injury case?”

Another very important question to ask a personal injury lawyer is how long the case will last once approved. Knowing this can give plaintiffs a timeline that they must live by. Should one’s injury have rendered them immobile, working will not be a possibility, and money can run tight. Having an idea of a personal injury case timeline can help a plaintiff budget in the meantime.

“How many cases are you handling besides mine?”

A very common question asked by plaintiffs is “Am I your only client at the moment?” Plaintiffs want to know that their lawyer is going to dedicate their time to their case, as winning can be an essential key to their survival. A lawyer who is swamped with cases might not be able to be at one’s service in times of need, which can scare off potential clients. However, not having any clients can cause a person to think their lawyer is unsuccessful.

“Can I contact anyone for references on your part?”

Individuals always feel better about hiring a professional after speaking to some of their past clients. By reading testimonials and emailing old clients for information, one can find a personal injury attorney that they can trust.