Mar, 2018

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Common Reasons to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Common Reasons to File a Worker’s Compensation Claim

When it comes to a worker’s compensation attorney, Sioux Falls residents might need to contact this type of professional for several reasons. If you are hurt on the job, this form of compensation might be needed to keep you afloat while you are recovering until you are able to get back to your job. Knowing some of the common reasons why people might file this type of claim can aid you in knowing if it is something that you might qualify for.


This might not be a job-related injury that you think about since so many adults are naturally overextended due to life responsibilities. However, this is actually related to your physical being and it happens when you either force a joint beyond its normal range or you pull a muscle. This is often seen in those working hard labor jobs, such as construction or in factories. It might also happen to police officers.


There are various falls that might happen when you are at the workplace. For example, you might slip on a damaged or wet floor, or you might fall to a lower level. For example, if you are working on a ladder, you could fall off and experience an injury. This is not uncommon among those working construction or in warehouses. Slip and fall injuries can happen in just about any work setting.

Struck By Object

If you are walking by a shelf and something falls off and hits you, this could result in a variety of injuries, ranging from minor bruising to a severe concussion, depending on the circumstances of the accident. This is common seen in retail workers and those working in a warehouse since there is the potential for items to tumble off of a shelf. In some cases, restaurant workers might also experience this, such as if they are putting glasses away and a rack falls.

Machinery Accidents

Even the most careful person is at risk for experiencing an injury when they are working with machinery. The slightest distraction or a malfunction with the equipment both make this type of accident possible and the injuries can be very serious, such as traumatic brain injury or losing a limb.

You can see that there are numerous reasons why someone might need to file a worker’s compensation claim. If you need assistance with your claim, are not sure if you qualify or are having difficulty with your employer, you might consider talking to a worker’s compensation attorney in Sioux Falls. They can guide you and make sure that you are being treated fairly throughout the process, so that you can focus on your recovery.