May, 2018

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Tips on Winning a Child Custody Battle

Tips on Winning a Child Custody Battle

Don’t Let the Feud Between You and Your Spouse Get in the Way

When in the midst of a child-custody battle, it can be easy to let feelings get in the way of logic and clarity. The possibility of losing parental rights over a child sets the stakes very high, which is why looking like a respectable and honest parent is to be expected in court. Letting an existing feud between one’s spouses affect one’s comportment in court can jeopardize the outcome of a case. Acting civilly towards one’s ex, no matter how many jabs they throw one’s way can positively affect a judge’s ruling. Being able to keep ones cool during a hectic situation are good qualities in a parent, ones that will surely be noticed.

Ask for an In-House Custody Visit

Events that occurred in the past can make it look as though a willing parent doesn’t have a suitable home for their child, but all that can change. By cleaning one’s act up and baby-proofing their home, a house that was once not suitable for children can become the opposite. Once a parent’s home is up to court standards, it is in their best interest to ask for an in-house custody visit. Should their living situation pass proper examination, this can make one look favorable in the eyes of the court.

Find Out Everything you Need to Know

Being well-versed in the custody-battle process and meeting important deadlines shows a parent’s dedication. Parents who present themselves in court without having consulted a family lawyer in Sioux Falls can come off as unserious about the dwellings of a case. Should they be misinformed about a certain process, causing court to be rescheduled, this parent can be subjected to fines and lose some major pointers with the judge. Hiring a family lawyer is of great importance, as it can solidify one’s chances of winning their child custody battle.

Don’t be Late to Any Child-Custody Visitations

During a child-custody battle, it is custom for a parent to still have visitation rights over their child — depending on how serious the case is. Should a parent have child-custody visitations scheduled, it is dire that they present themselves to these on time and in good spirits. Having a clean track record when it comes to child-custody visitations can make the court question if sole-custody is really in the child’s best interest.

Willingly Accept Drug Tests and Pass

Lastly, a parent is in a great position to win a child custody battle when they are willing to take a drug test. Passing this drug test shows the court that a parent can offer their child a safe home environment.