Injury & Disability

Workers’ Compensation and Disability Lawyers

If you’ve been injured in a work-related accident or from your work activities, then you need to hire Mark Welter, one of the best worker’s compensation lawyers in Sioux Falls, to get the compensation to which you are legally entitled.

Do I need a Disability or Injury Lawyer?

Not all work-related injuries or conditions require a lawyer; however, there are certain circumstances that absolutely do. If any of these scenarios apply to your situation, we highly recommend you seek legal advice for your personal injury situation right away.

  • Have you been injured?

If you’ve suffered an injury or developed a medical condition due to your work activities or an injury at work, then you need to seek out an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like Mark J. Welter and Wilka, Welter & Ash, LLP. A lawyer with special knowledge, skill and experience in workers’ compensation law will visit with you about your accident, injury or condition, and will investigate your potential claim. An experienced work injury attorney will review relevant medical records, work with you and your treating doctors, obtain and review your relevant wage information, and share with you what are your rights and responsibilities, and what are the benefits to which you may be legally entitled. We will be your advocate when dealing with the workers’ compensation insurance company, claims administrator, and nurse case manager.

  • Is liability unclear or disputed?

As a workers’ compensation claimant, you have the legal burden of proving that your work activities with employer were and remain a major contributing cause of your injury or medical condition, your need for medical care, your temporary disability, and/or any permanent disability. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney is vital in proving an injury or medical condition did arise out of, or did occur within, the course and scope of your employment. An experienced work injury lawyer is invaluable in establishing the necessary medical causation between your work activities and your injury, condition or disability.

  • Is the at-fault insurance company denying my claim or delaying payment of medical bills, my claim, or benefits?

If you are encountering issues getting the medical care you need, getting your medical bills paid, getting temporary disability benefits, or getting compensation for your injury or disability, then you need legal assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Mark J. Welter and Wilka & Welter & Ash, LLP.

How Do Disability Lawyers Work?

The team at Wilka, Welter, & Ash, LLP provide you with a free initial consultation. You will also receive a free case review based on the available facts so you can make a fully informed decision about the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and whether you would like legal representation by a Wilka, Welter & Ash, LLP workers’ compensation injury lawyer.

Our workers’ compensation injury lawyers get paid an attorney fee if you receive workers’ compensation, we obtain payment of a disputed amount, we obtain an award by the Department of Labor administrative law judge, or you agree to a settlement. The attorney will go through all the terms and conditions of any fee agreement with you concerning attorney representation, the scope of representation, the litigation expenses that may be incurred by you or on your behalf, and the contingent attorney’s fees involved so there won’t be any surprises.

How to Choose a Workers’ Compensation or Disability Lawyer

Finding an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is vital. It is important that you meet with an experienced attorney like the ones at Wilka, Welter & Ash, LLP to discuss your rights and responsibilities so you can make a fully informed decision.

Contact Wilka, Welter & Ash, LLP for a Free Consultation

Whether you are in the early stages of finding out what your options are, or you need an injury lawyer now, Wilka, Welter & Ash, LLP is here to be your advocate throughout the process. We will review your case and outline all your options to help you make the most informed decisions. Our special knowledge, skill and experience in workers’ compensation law will help get you the compensation to which you may be legally entitled. Contact us now to speak to a workers’ compensation or disability lawyer.